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FN Software Solutions unveils NDASENDA PAY, a revolutionary new payment platform.

Mr. Brian Zimunhu, Managing Director of Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund, extends sincere appreciation to FN Software Solutions for the privilege to witness the launch of their pioneering online onboarding platform, NDASENDA PAY. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize microfinance accessibility nationwide, dismantling barriers and enhancing financial inclusivity. Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund is enthusiastic about contributing to this transformative journey and eagerly anticipates the impact of this innovation on the intersection of IT and finance, shaping a more inclusive financial landscape for all Zimbabweans.

FN Software Solutions celebrates the official launch of NDASENDA PAY, a groundbreaking digital payment platform meticulously tailored for the Zimbabwean market, marking a significant milestone for the organization. The company expresses profound gratitude to the Ministry of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services for their steadfast support and esteemed presence at the launch event.

Ndasenda Pay stands as a scalable and resilient platform crafted to streamline the processing of loan applications from customers to financiers. Facilitated through a tripartite agreement involving Ndasenda, merchants, and financiers, the platform enables swift access to credit for purchasing goods or services.

Together, FN Software Solutions and its collaborators are charting a path towards a more inclusive financial future for Zimbabweans. They express heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable collaboration and support received throughout this transformative journey.

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